Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks
(Culturally Authentic Foods Including Low-Fat And Vegetarian Recipes)

Isi Paket CD :
1. Cooking The Indonesian Way (Kari Cornell & Merry Anwar)
2. Cooking the Japanese Way (Reiko Weston)
3. Cooking the Chinese Way (Ling Yu)
4. Cooking the East African Way (Bertha Vining Montgomery & Constance Nabwire)
5. Cooking the English Way (Barbara W. Hill)
6. Cooking the French Way (Lynne Marie Waldee)
7. Cooking the German Way (Helga Parnell)
8. Cooking the Indian Way (Vijay Madavan)
9. Cooking the Italian Way (Alphonse Bisignano)
10. Cooking the Caribbean Way
11. Cooking the Mexican Way (Rosa Coronado)
12. Cooking The Middle Eastern Way (Alison Behnke & Vartkes Ehramjian)
13. Cooking the North African Way (Mary Winget & Habib Chalbi)
14. Cooking the Russian Way (Gregory and Rita Plotkin)
15. Cooking the Spanish Way (Rebecca Christian)

Harga Paket : Rp 25.000,00