Isi Paket CD Simpsons comics :
1. The Amazing Colossal Homer
2. Cool Hand Bart
3. The Perplexing Puzzle of Springfield Puma
4. It's in the Cards
5. When Bongos Collide
6. Be Bop A Lisa
7. The Greatest D oh on Earth
8. I Shrink Threfore I'm Small
9. The Purple Prose of Springfield
10. Fan Tasty Island
12. Survival of the Fattest
13. Give me Merchandising or Give Me Death
14. To Heir I Homer
15. A Trip to Simpsons Mountain
16. Waitresses in the Sky
17. What's the Frequency Simpson
18. Get Fatty
19. Don't Cry For Me Jebediah
20. The Artist Formerly Known as Bart
21. Stand and Deliverance
22. Little Big Mart
23. Bart De Triomphe
24. Send in the Clowns
25. Marge Attacks
26. Get Off the Bus
27. They Fixed Homer's Brain
28. I Just Can't Keep It Down
29. Let's Get Ready to Bumble
30. Smitherses

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